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MMT What is it ?

We provide value to money you spend.

Mobile Money Tracking (MMT) is the latest and most unique method developed by team of experts to track all your financial transactions quickly, securely and entirely free at the ease of sending an SMS from your phone. Each time you earn/spend money, no matter where you are, just SMS its details and our system will automatically pick up relevant information for you and categorize it. At the same time it will let you know the status of your monthly or yearly planned budget as well as the summary of your data. You can browse the details or quickly view your financial summary on mobile or on web as per your convenience. Money management at its best - What, When and How is completely controlled by you.


SMS "mmt -200 petrol" to track your petrol expense

SMS "mmt -100 coffee with friends" to track your food expense

SMS "mmt 30000 salary" to track your salary income

SMS "mmt 800 sold old books" to track your extra income


Get Started Now. Tracking transactions, automatically as well as manually, tracking your Goals, periodical reports on your mobile and email, all are built into one single application. Mobile Money Tracking (MMT) provides all-in-one service, which means you can see your balance and transaction details altogether on the web or on your mobile.


We believe Money is not for saving but for spending wisely.Time too repays only when invested carefully. Through MMT you come to know your habitual expenses and income sources which apart from saving your time, frees you from depending on staff required for advising and handling your account information for most of the time. Therefore get Started now to spend wisely and invest carefully.


Trusted, safe and secure

Mobile Money Tracking (MMT) does not disclose your individual account data to any 3rd party applications/users and complete privacy of your data is maintained. We are committed to provide this service entirely free to our end-users. When you decide to choose our sponsors for their services, we charge a nominal fee from them. These sponsors and their services are suggested to you by us and are totally unbiased and depend only upon the value for money they may be able to provide you.


Your phone numbers are not disclosed to any 3rd party for any advertisement, unless you manually choose to contact one of our sponsors, in which case your contact information i.e. your phone number and/or your email address will be shared with them. Please note that we will not share any of your monetary detail that is directly linked with your individual account, with our sponsors. Sharing of any financial data related to your individual account is completely under your discretion and will not be handled by MMT.


In addition, your data is protected and validated by us from time to time. Mobile Money Tracking is read only; no money can be moved in or out of your any financial/bank account. MMT stores financial data that you provide it. The transaction details that you provide to MMT are solely under your discretion and MMT obviously does not hold any responsibility in the data received and fed in the account.


Makes your life easier

After reading through above section, we are pretty sure that you already know the advantages of tracking your money quickly through your mobile or web. In our constant effort of making things easier for you, we have a number of reporting options that are available on a single-click. The job is already done for you and we at MMT hope that you would be able to utilize our efforts and make the best use of this service into successfully managing your money.


We will automatically organize all your money transactions (that you send at your discretion) and present you with their analysis and suggest you problem areas that might need your concern. In addition there are schedules alerts and reminders that you can set for yourself. Plan your budget monthly or yearly and get their real-time status by requesting for it. So you get a well managed analysis result and a lot of Time value whenever you plan to start managing your financial transactions.


Multiple Phones support in your Account

With MMT, you can add as many mobiles as you like to your account. Simply add your mobiles to MMT after logging in and activate them. This will enable you to create a combined account for your family to simultaneously enter transactions from their respective phones.


Group your Transactions

With MMT, you can maintain several sub-accounts in your profile. The system enables you to create groups as you like. For e.g. a group named "creditcard1" for grouping transactions that are related to your one of several credit cards. You will then be able to look into the detailed analysis for each group/sub-account that you create.


Another good example is for the families that would like to have a single shared account to track their total family income and expenses. Simply create groups named on individual family members. Then add phones for them and each family member can now start tracking his money under his own group.